Our Story


 Three Pears Productions is a team who are all outliers in different ways, yet we all seek to interpret the Prince portfolio with the same humor, joy, and intensity as the art itself.



Madison Prince
We are a global team of dreamers with decades of experience and a new focus on creating customized, visually compelling products inspired by the art of Madison Prince. Madison Prince was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4. His art became his personal language - his primary means of communicating his own world to the world in which others live. Sometimes whimsically, sometimes seriously. Often simple and frequently complex imagery comes forward. As a result, he's given us a glimpse into a familiar, but extraordinarily different place.
Line, shape, color, light - this is the language of Madison. He communicates beyond his autism with moments of great joy, while at other times he tries to make sense of great complexities. Since childhood, he has gone through many phases of art, style, and media. Although he does original work, he often uses classic works of art as a starting point for his inspiration. He pushes color, space and subject matter with bold, playful creativity, often echoing previous works with a shockingly new perspective. The urgency, energy, humor and joy in his work continually challenge our assumptions of his sense of self.
Through this lens, Madison allows us to view the world from a different place in the spectrum of human identity. A place where everything is fresh, new, and exciting.
At Three Pears Productions our goal is to show that increased diversity and inclusion exposes us to new ideas and improves our collective experience. We break out from what is expected. Surprise becomes reality!