Measuring Love: The Love You Biggest Much Collection

As you explore Three Pears, you’ll begin to notice words unique to our story. Although some of the phrases seem whimsical, they don’t come from a place of fantasy! 

Phrases like, “You didn’t say hi!” and “... and next”, "what the name of dinner" and "biggest happy" are all derived straight from Madison. They are his aphorisms. His simply stated truths, his mantras, his exclamations! Often short in length, they are communications and connections we’ve been lucky enough to share with Madison. One of our favorites: LOVE YOU BIGGEST MUCH!

When Madison was a pre-teen, he started to participate in the basic human nature of “measuring” love. Weighing his emotion quite simply, yet eloquently. 

Madison and his parents perform the following dance: 

They would say, “Love you, Madison.”

Madison would reply, “Love you.”

His parent’s questioned, “How much?”

Madison announced, “Biggest much!”

‘Biggest much’ became a quantifier for other things in Madison’s life, but the aphorism generally relates to the amount of passion he feels towards a given subject or person.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’ve created the Love You Biggest Much collection - inspired and developed for platonic, familial or romantic love! Wrap yourself in careless, dancing partners on our super soft minky blankets, or tell someone you love them biggest much with sweet cards and mugs. 

The collection launches this Saturday, January 18th, so don't forget to stop by the shop and spread BIGGEST MUCH love. 

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