A letter from Mike Farrell, Managing Director of Three Pears Productions

Meet my friend and business partner, the artist behind everything we do at Three Pears; Madison Prince. I saw his art for the first time three years ago. I really didn’t know much about him, but I could see, and feel, his art.  It was incredible. It was new.  It was odd and magical and captivating.  I wanted to work with it, and him right away.

I didn’t really know what it meant to be an adult with autism.  Especially that part of the spectrum that is so complex that living any kind of life the rest of us consider ‘normal’ seems impossible.   He would not be able to speak with me, or create a bond with me in the ways I am accustomed to. I am a friend, and a talker.  To me, friendships and language are the mediums I depend on to create my life.  

I was afraid.  

I spent a lot of time around Madison and his family that first year, working with his art, studying his processes, putting together the team of people I trusted. I tried every day to find a way to break through with Madison- a search for a key that would open that first door to a deeper understanding and the beginning of a friendship.   

Then one day I cooked for him. 

I thought that food, like art, is the way we show love to others.  And that maybe if I cooked, he might open that door for me. And it worked.

Ok, so he won’t eat my hand-grated Parmesan - he wants Kraft. But, honestly, who doesn’t? Like his art, his world can appear freer in some ways.  In other ways his world is exceptionally difficult; for him and those who love, protect and care for him. I’m learning a lot more about that every day.  Some day, I would like to share more.

What matters to me today is what you see in this photo. We are friends.  We are brothers. He has changed many things about me and my life. I am confident he will change many more lives as our friendship, and this project, grow.  I am grateful that this is my path today, and can’t wait to show the world something truly amazing. Thank you for the newly growing support.

You’re going to love what is coming.

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