What is 16 Squares?

Today we launch our 16 Squares collection!

This clothing and lifestyle collection is the creative child of a surprise study Madison did last year; his subject- a vintage high steppe (Neuquén) Mapuche weaving colored by organic dye. We are fairly certain that either Madison sees color differently, or that he just finds drab color uninteresting.

What was really fascinating for us was to discover that he enjoyed reinterpreting the same square almost two dozen times. In each recreation he was somehow able to maintain the identity of the original while expressing a spectrum of characteristics in color and placement of hand drawn geometric shapes. You could call them 16 offspring from the same parent. You could even take the bold step to suggest that as repetition defines a large piece of the autistic experience, that this study was perhaps moving that echo into art.

Amazing, huh? When you see how all 16 squares fit together and the Three Pears interpretation of his art, tell us what you see. Or hear. Or understand.

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